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About Us

Earning a reputation as an industry leader, Scrub Center originally catered to large companies with orders of 100k+ units per month. But for years, we witnessed the high prices medical professionals were paying in the retail market. We felt that we could sell our products directly to the consumer at a practical price with more consistency and quality.

Scrub Center now offers factory direct uniforms to medical professionals at a cost only previously obtained by wholesalers. We achieve this through our long-term relationships with an array of production facilities throughout the world. By routinely overseeing on-site production and management, we are able to ensure proper quality control worthy of the Scrub Center brand.

Additionally, Scrub Center has developed advanced integrated information and tracking systems. These systems enable us to provide our customers with real-time information on the location, timing, and status of their orders.

Although Scrub Center is not the largest producer of professional medical garments, we are proud of being the best.

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